COVID-19: Homebound Learning

At Central Christian School, our mission is to partner with Christian families to instill within children a passion for God, love of truth, and zeal to serve; therefore, we strongly value the relationship between our school and our students' parents. The Central community's response during the Coronavirus pandemic has been a clear testimony of this partnership. From teachers taking on the challenge of Homebound Learning with competency, professionalism, and passion to parents giving 110% percent as they work from home, care for their family, and help facilitate instruction during the stay-at-home mandate, our school family is actually being strengthened. Our commitment to Christ, to strong academics, and to community have all been reinforced in recent weeks. We are incredibly grateful to the Lord, to our administrators and teachers, and to our families.

School Operations

On March 22, the St. Louis County Department Health issued a Stay at Home Order as part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in St. Louis County. In compliance with this order, we are imparting all academics to students via Homebound Learning, through April 22, 2020. The Central Christian School campus is currently closed. 

Homebound Learning

Central parents are accessing a comprehensive plan for Homebound Learning designed by our Principal, Mrs. Paya Sample, and faculty. Each weekend, teachers provide the next week's instructions in core content areas, as well as Specials (Art, Music, PE, Spanish, Library, and Design Lab). Homebound Learning is facilitated through lessons and assignments, video instruction, online learning resources by subject, and non-screen activities.

Office Hours to Support Parents
On weekdays, each homeroom teacher offers several windows of time to support parents as they guide their child's learning at home. Parents may also request individual one-on-one time with teachers. These dialogues are supported through Zoom and occur consistently at the same times every day.

Teacher/Principal Team Meetings
Once each week, our principal conducts a 30-minute meeting with each grade level teaching team to provide support, guidance, and encouragement. An example schedule from our first day of Homebound Learning looks like this:
     9:00-9:30am - Specialists (teachers of art, music, PE, library, Spanish and Design Lab)
     10:00-10:30am - 3K & JK teachers
     11:00-11:30am - SK/1st/2nd teachers
     12:00-12:30pm - 3rd/4th teachers
     1:00-1:30pm - 5th/6th teachers
     2:00-2:30pm - TLC Wings specialists (academic support providers)
     2:45-3:15pm - TLC Horizons specialist (academic enrichment provider)

Office Hours to Support Teachers
In addition to weekly team meetings, teachers may reach out for additional support. Both our Principal, Paya Sample, and our Education Coordinator, Laura Drake, provide weekly office hours for teachers to meet with them virtually. From technical questions about publishing videos to questions about academic lessons, our teachers are not alone as they instruct our Homebound Learning.

Academic Support through The Learning Center (Wings)
TLC Wings faculty facilitate regularly scheduled math, reading comprehension, and writing support meetings for students in 4th-6th Grades, two to three times a week. Students in SK-3rd Grade are supported individually through scheduled meetings using Zoom. Rather than having office hours in the same way homeroom and core content teachers do, our TLC specialists are in direct communication with students, parents, and teachers. They meet regularly with classroom teachers to ensure they have everything they need to support students as they follow Homebound Learning lessons.

Academic Enrichment through The Learning Center (Horizons)
Our TLC Horizons gifted specialist provides bi-weekly instruction similar to our homeroom and core content teachers through the use of lessons and assignments, video instruction, online learning resources by subject, and non-screen activities.

Cultivating Culture and Community

In addition to continuing our academic program through the COVID-19 season, our faculty and staff are diligently working to maintain our unique school culture and foster our sense of community. 

Go D.E.A.P. with Central every weekday at 8:20am! Drop Everything and Pray is a way for parents and teachers to lift up our teachers, students, and families at the start of our typical school day. We love the picture of our school community interceding from their homes in over 45 zip codes throughout the Saint Louis region!

Connection Circles

Connection Circles promote understanding, reveal shared experiences, and build relationships among students in the same homeroom as we pursue healthy community. Each week at school, teachers lead their students in a Connection Circle by sharing a prompt, and children expand on that prompt. Examples are: “A time when I was a leader was…” or “People who disagree with me make me feel…” or “One of my family's Easter traditions is…” Through the use of Zoom, homeroom teachers and specialists are keeping this tradition going, and we're so grateful for this technology.

Our school is continuing our weekly chapel services each Friday at 8:30am through YouTube. Nathan Drake leads our community in worship, and a guest speaker teaches God's Word while giving real-life application relevant to our current events.

Virtual Roar Board
At school, we emphasize that Central Lions are respectful, kind, safe, and brave. We regularly highlight and honor students demonstrating one of these qualities through the use of positive office referrals. Teachers and peers complete a referral form, the recognized student visits our principal's office, and our principal calls the child's parent to affirm and celebrate their great character! During our Homebound Learning season, parents are stepping up to refer their kids to the principal! Each week, we're adding students' names to our virtual Roar Board just as they'd sign it if we were at school and publishing it for our whole school community to see!

Celebrating Birthdays
Throughout our Homebound Learning season, our principal is reaching out to Central students on their birthdays in a variety of ways (sending videos, making phone calls, etc). In addition, teachers are honoring birthday students in their daily recorded videos, as well as Connection Circles. Although it's over Zoom, it's pretty special to have your teacher and peers sing "Happy Birthday" to you!

Virtual Spirit Weeks
Students are encouraged to participate in Virtual Spirit Weeks to engage in some virtual togetherness and fun. Using the hashtag #centrallionsrock, our parents and teachers are chronicling their engagement on Instagram and Facebook.