Central Christian School is always pleased to hear from experienced educators who love God and children, who are experts in their fields and who have the passion and vision to see our School reach its full potential. Preferred candidates are interesting people who see life from a Biblical perspective, value diversity, have multiple talents, and are great team players.

We offer competitive salary and benefit packages, as well as a stimulating and rewarding work environment.

2017-18 Faculty & Staff Openings

Central Christian School is seeking qualified individuals to substitute teach. The candidate should be a member of good standing at a local church, energetic, flexible, good with kids of all ages, and able to manage a class of 12-19 students. Prior teaching experience or training is a plus. Opportunities to substitute are in 3K-6th Grade homerooms, Art, PE, Spanish, Music, Library, and Computer. The purpose of this job is to enable each child to learn in the absence of the regular teacher, implementing the teacher's lesson plans.

If you're interested in becoming a substitute teacher at Central, please send your resume to Head of School John Murray, and answer the following four questions in your email to him:
1) Briefly describe your salvation experience, commitment to and growth in the Christian faith.
2) What is your view of the Bible? What part does this knowledge play in your life?
3) We value the integration of Christianity into the daily experience of each student. Please briefly describe how you might facilitate that integration, when appropriate, in your teaching area.
4) Describe your philosophy of teaching.

If you're interested in being on our faculty/staff team should openings occur in the future, please complete an Employment Application and e-mail a resume and cover letter to Head of School John Murray with your position of interest in the subject line.