Head of School Search

Central Christian School is currently seeking a Head of School. Below you will read of our history, our culture and community, a description and necessary qualifications of the individual being sought to lead our school, and the application process.

Head of School Position Description


Central Christian School began as an early childhood program in 1957. The current program, early childhood through sixth grade, was established in the 1960's.The School operates as a ministry of Central Presbyterian Church and benefits from its governance and financial support. We align our teaching to the Church's core values and Essentials of the Faith.

A 2016 National Blue Ribbon School, Central is widely identified as an academic competitor and has demonstrated a commitment to providing research-validated best practices within – not in spite of – a nurturing, gospel-centered community. We are passionate in our charge to educate a uniquely diverse group of students equitably, with purposeful excellence, to prepare them to engage a changing world for Jesus Christ.

We hold our accreditation through AdvancED and are also members of the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA), Educational Records Bureau (ERB), Independent Schools of St. Louis (ISSL), and the Christian School Association of St. Louis (CSASL).


Central Christian School’s unique placement in an urban center of the St. Louis metropolitan area has been a critical component in the school’s identity and growth. We are centrally located in the business district of Clayton, and St. Louis’s art and history museums, zoo, science center, Forest Park and two universities are located within a few miles of the campus. 

Our campus houses two school buildings. The main building, where 3K through fourth grade and specialists reside, was renovated in 2008 to maximize space and cultivate grade-level community. “The Summit” building next door was added in 2009 and was specifically designed to provide departmentalized learning for fifth and sixth grade students in preparation for the many changes they will face in secondary or middle school. 

Because of our centralized location, Central Christian School has attracted a unique and beautifully diverse population of students and families from all over the St. Louis region. We currently educate 238 students from 45 zip codes and 70 churches, and our student body is comprimsed of 40% children of color. We deeply value our diversity and are committed to stewarding this gift with thoughtfulness and wisdom, honoring each voice and our differences.


Our mission is to partner with families to prepare children by instilling a passion for God, a love of truth, and a zeal to serve. 


Our vision is to be a Gospel-driven, academically excellent community for each unique image-bearer of God. 


Every curriculum has an end in mind before it begins. Here are our goals for our graduates: 

Passion for God 
  • Know and love God through Jesus Christ;
  • Understand the unity of the Old and New Testaments;
  • Understand life’s ultimate purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever;
  • Are on a path to understand their particular calling;
Love of Truth 
  • Can discern truth from error through the proper use of logic, reason, and application of God’s Word;
  • Recognize their finiteness and as a result are on a path to lifelong learning;
  • Aren't afraid of secular society, but instead learn to engage the culture for Christ;
  • Are solution providers;
  • Can communicate effectively in a number of mediums;
Zeal to Serve 
  • Understand their place in world society;
  • Have an others-centered orientation;
  • Have a genuine concern for the poor and disenfranchised.

The Head of School serves as the chief community-builder and spiritual leader of Central Christian School, taking the lead in applying Biblical principles throughout the School while building a culture of unity, excellence and school pride. The Head of School encourages the School staff, by word and example, to do likewise, and holds them to the highest standards of professional and personal behavior. Under the oversight of the School Board, the Head of School is responsible for the overall management of the School, ensuring that its operational and financial future is secure, and for thoughtfully and consistently implementing all School policies. 

The Head of School cultivates the relationships, values, and practices which are core to the School’s culture while providing vision, leadership, and direction for the entire School community to positively impact students, families, and broader culture. As the public-facing leader of the school, it’s vital for the Head of School to present Central Christian School and its programs in a compelling manner through written communication, public presentations, and connections with parents, grandparents, friends of the school, and the many churches represented within our community.

The Head of School will need to demonstrate a wholehearted endorsement of the school’s statement of faith.


The Head of School will work toward the ongoing academic excellence of the school in conjunction with the Principal and Administrative Team by overseeing:

  • The Administrative Team and other staff which consists of the Principal, Director of Admissions and Communications, the Manager of Operations, Business Manager, Registrar and Office Manager, the Executive Assistant, Nurse, Athletic Director, and all non-teaching staff;
  • The hiring, evaluation, and professional growth of and supervision of all non-teaching staff. In addition, the Head of School approves the hiring and/or the dismissal of all faculty and staff members.

The Head of School ensures academic excellence by understanding and advocating for the Principal's oversight of:

  • All staff;
  • Accreditations and professional associations;
  • Evaluation, revision, and implementation of curriculum at all school levels;
  • Hiring, supervision, evaluation, certification, and continuing education for faculty;
  • Program of instructional assessments through appropriate testing mechanisms;
  • Continual improvement of the quality of the academics through the lens of the Christian worldview.

The Head of School plans and oversees the School’s strategy for securing new donors and stewarding current donors. He or she will oversee and optimize the School’s annual fundraising campaigns and major fundraising events and will work with the Development Assistant and Development Committee of the Board to generate support for important strategic initiatives which will propel the School forward. 

The Head of School will partner with Central Presbyterian Church leadership to ensure a supportive and visible relationship between the School and the Church. 

The Head of School also oversees and guides external communications, marketing, and branding for Central Christian School. 


The Head of School will serve as the chief administrative officer of Central Christian School and as a liaison between the Board, the Administrative Team, and Staff. In this capacity, he or she will: 

  • Supervise the Administrative Team and inform the Board of needs and concerns through regular communication;
  • Work to ensure the School’s organizational health by: 
    • Promoting clear expectations and transparency among members of the community;
    • Ensuring organizational alignment and efficiency;
    • Maintaining consistency with school philosophy, policies, and procedures;
    • Encouraging a culture of community pride and excellence throughout the School. 

The Head of School will report to the School Board. He or she will work with the Business Manager and Manager of Operations to formulate and maintain annual budgets, make short- and long-term financial projections and recommendations for the School Board, and allocate financial resources to meet personnel and programmatic needs. 

He or she will oversee the school’s technological infrastructure to ensure that it keeps pace with other top private schools and addresses the academic needs of our students.


The Head of School directs the implementation of all School policies, including Employment Agreements, Employee Handbooks, and Family Handbooks. He or she will: 

  • Work with the leadership of Central Presbyterian Church to ensure alignment between school and church policies;
  • Guide the function of office staff including all administrative activities and record and file maintenance;
  • Maintain awareness of all federal, state, and local legal issues that pertain to Christian schools;
  • Oversee emergency, safety, and security procedures;
  • Ensure that Board policies are communicated in a timely manner and that those policies are followed. 
  • A spiritual leader who embraces Central Christian School’s mission and core values, as well as its unique culture and history;
  • A charismatic community-builder experienced in welcoming parental engagement;
  • An engaging, compelling, energetic marketer and spokesperson for the school, who will be a visible presence in the local community;
  • A warm, approachable people person who interacts with and knows the students and families in the school;
  • An executive with solid finance and budgeting experience;
  • A proven administrator, able to structure, hire, motivate, evaluate, and support faculty and staff;
  • An individual who is comfortable with fundraising and individual donor outreach;
  • A manager who is able to set expectations and hold people accountable not only for performance, but also for the positive, collaborative culture of grace and courtesy that currently exists;
  • Experience in a Christian school or church (helpful, but not required);
  • Bachelor’s degree required (Master’s degree preferred);
  • Member of Central Presbyterian Church (or will join upon hiring).

If you believe that the gifts and experiences God has given you are potentially a good match for the Central Christian School Head of School role, we invite you to begin the application process. We will handle all candidate correspondence in confidence and will be delighted to consider your candidacy. 

Please email or mail the following information to the search committee for consideration: 

  • A current resume and cover letter;
  • A personal statement of Christian faith.

Central Christian School
Attn: HOS Search Coordinator
700 South Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO 63105

We look forward to hearing from you!