Academic Support


By committing to be students of our students, teachers here examine the mystery of each child. We appreciate the different types of intelligence and provide all students with multiple ways to demonstrate their knowledge throughout the school year. From creative projects, verbal presentations, experiential field trips, Keynote designs, iMovies, written manuscripts, and traditional tests and quizzes, we provide an array of opportunities for children to reveal their learning.

We strive to provide an excellent level of differentiation within each classroom to reach students where they are and move them forward as individuals. We offer both a gifted program and academic support beyond the regular classroom.

Are you a Christ-follower who desires a challenging and unique academic experience for your child? Is your son or daughter hungry to learn? We invite you to learn more about Central Christian School and discover why other Christian parents have chosen us to be their partner in education.

If Senior Kindergarten through third grade students need temporary math or reading support beyond classroom differentiation, Central provides short-term instruction with our Math and Reading Support Teachers. These teachers work with students individually or in small groups to improve their strategies and skills as readers and mathematicians.

Current Central students participate in long-term support through our Learning Center when the instruction of the regular classroom and short-term support do not meet all their needs. These students either have a 22:6* Plan of accommodations or an Individual Student Plan (ISP). Learning Specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to carry out the accommodations and/or modifications necessary to ensure a child's academic success, as outlined in the 22:6 Plan or the ISP. 

        * "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6