Student Assessment

Academic Assessment

Early Childhood | 3K/JK

We give ongoing developmentally appropriate classroom assessments to measure fine and gross motor skills, phonemic awareness, rhyming skills, letter identification, letter/sound correspondence, concepts of print, 1:1 correspondence, patterning, and rote counting.  Each trimester in Junior Kindergarten, we give a comprehensive assessment to determine student progress prior to Parent-Teacher Conferences. We also provide feedback to parents on their child's social-emotional and spiritual development.

For children who demonstrate reading readiness, we administer Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Word Analysis tasks. For children who are reading, we give a full Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2).

Primary | SK-2nd

All SK through 2nd Grade students participate in benchmark assessments throughout the year in three areas—math, reading, and writing. We use math benchmark assessments, DRA2, and writing prompts to measure progress during the school year and from year to year.

To help us measure students' reasoning ability, we administer the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) each spring. When compared to other classroom and benchmark assessments, the NNAT guides individual student instruction and gifted identification.

Intermediate | 3rd-6th

Like primary grades, all 3rd through 6th grade students also participate in benchmark assessments in math, reading, and writing.  Math benchmark assessments, DRA2, and Central writing prompts help teachers gauge student progress. 

As an outside measure of student progress, we annually administer the ERB Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP4) and the Writing Assessment Program (WrAP), commonly known as the ERBs. The CTP4 is a combination of achievement and reasoning tests and is widely recognized as the most rigorous and respected standardized test. The WrAP provides standardized assessment for writing instruction. View more details on how Central students compare using this data.

Insight Assessments

Because we don't educate to create a test score, but are instead developing a person who is part of redeeming the world and impacting culture, we use a collection of inventories to identify the unique talents, strengths, and personalities God has given each student.  Each grade level uses a different tool to move children toward our Portrait of a Graduate. After years at Central discovering their love languages, intelligence strengths, Myers-Briggs personality preferences, spiritual gifts, and StrengthsFinder themes, students graduate Central and enter 7th Grade with a strong sense of who God has created them to be.

Feedback to Parents

We provide trimester progress reports on all students (3K-6th Grade) to provide feedback on a child's journey toward educational goals and standards. Our standards-based report cards are issued three times per year prior to parent-teacher conferences.

Outside of the formal trimester reporting season, Touchpoints offer parents insight into their child's ongoing progress in core disciplines. Parents receive written communication at least once a trimester with individualized suggestions and strategies to promote parent partnership and student ownership in learning.