Specialist Classes

At Central, we're striving to strike the balance between nurture and challenge, instruction and experience. We believe excellent middle school preparation includes more than what some view as “core” subjects – math, literacy, science, social studies, and Bible. Because we educate children holistically, we also provide engagement in specialist classes. 

Our students learn under various specialists by participating in Spanish, music, physical education, art classes, and our design lab course. They also deepen their appreciation of language, history, and culture through weekly sessions to the school library. We're grateful to provide students with a diverse course offering appropriate to their age.


Our Spanish classroom at Central mirrors our collaborative, hands‐on approach found throughout the entire school. In addition to learning Spanish through conversation and literature, students engage with Latin American culture, too. Our program also develops an awareness that this second, most-spoken language in the world exists beyond our Central classroom by examining communities both near and far.


Because we are made in God's image, we can create, compose, and respond to His greatness through song. Central students experience various genres -- including performance, ballet, opera, folk, and spirituals --  both in the classroom and beyond our walls. First grade students visit Powell Hall and the St. Louis Symphony each year. Third graders compose and perform operettas of their own for parents. Fifth grade students study, compose, and sing spirituals in conjunction with their classroom exploration of the Civil War. Performing with instruments, bodies, and voices, our students grow in musical literacy throughout their career at Central.

Physical Education

In recognizing the broad diversity of children, our desire is to teach all students life‐long habits of physical fitness. In athletics, we emphasize character‐building, good sportsmanship, respect for authority, team work, self‐discipline, and improving individual and team skills. Students learn a variety of sports in developmentally appropriate ways, and are taught the importance of being healthy and fit beyond their years at Central.


Viewing art as a form of worship, the art program at Central concerns itself with truth, goodness, and beauty in order to advance God's glory. Through art class, students are given a place to identify their talents and gifts as they respond to God's world. From the  framework of Creation‐Fall‐Redemption‐Reconciliation-Consummation, our young artists learn to discern the difference between art the way God intended contrasted with the effects of sin on modern experssons of creativity. Students also develop an appreciaton for the talents of artists in many places, cultures, and time periods. From projects based on early children's literature to replicating masterpieces of Egyptian art and the Renaissance, students incorporate key elements of art when exploring a variety of mediums.

Building on the foundations laid in the early years, our older students go beyond traditional materials and utilize fiber arts and pottery as well. 

Library Skills

While we integrate technology into many aspects of a Central education, we’ve intentionally chosen to keep most technology out of the library. We want our students' library experience to deepen their literacy appreciation, rather than their tech skills. From exposure to various genres, to hearing complex plots and higher‐level themes, to literary analysis with their peers, students are trained to develop their "reading muscles" and appreciate higher levels of literature.