Greeting from the
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Thank you for your interest in Central Christian School! Quality schools begin with the end in mind. We ask, "What is it we want students to know, understand, and do as they engage God's world?”

At Central, we ask these questions when examining our curricular foundation of biblical worldview. We identify core enduring truths for each unit and establish essential questions for students to uncover. With this biblical worldview framework in place, our teachers then plan for learning across the disciplines.

Life is not fractured into separate subjects as we interact with society. Our curriculum simulates the complexity of real life; therefore, unit themes are studied holistically, instruction and assessment practices are based in real-world application. Using this interconnected and discovery-based model, students explore, analyze, and acquire the skills, knowledge and disposition necessary to become lifelong learners. They learn to think critically and engage in real-world problem solving.

As we measure progress of student learning, we are committed to honoring the whole child. Each child is a unique image-bearer of the Lord, far more than a test score or even a collection of scores. Feedback about learning growth is designed to complement a child’s development and produce a mindset in each learner that sees growth in learning as the goal.

Our students leave equipped to apply classroom learning to complex realities, including social and moral aspects. They are prepared to confidently make decisions grounded in their identity in Christ.

We hope you explore the academic tabs, including grade level maps, curricular touchstones, and assessment and feedback structure, to learn more about Central’s rich program.

To the glory of God,
Dana Scheidt, Director of Curriculum and Instruction