Our Principal

Dear parent,

At Central Christian School, we pursue a challenging academic program while helping students uncover and develop their unique gifts and talents given to them by God. We recognize our students -- whether 3 or 12 years-old -- must be prepared for any challenge they may face in their future, and we’re committed to providing a safe and loving environment to cultivate their development spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is embedded in our challenging and engaging curriculum, and it’s inseparably linked to learning. Each curricular unit ties directly to Biblical Worldview and is presented within the framework of God’s story of Creation - Fall - Redemption - Reconciliation - Consummation from the beginning of time through the present times. God’s truth is a thread woven through every academic subject and educational initiative.

We help students feel empowered and guide them to take ownership of their learning. According to Spencer and Juliani, “When students own their learning they are more creative, learn to think outside the box, view mistakes as learning opportunities and become passionate, lifelong learners, ready to tackle the world.” This is true of Central students! They are highly committed to their learning which helps them to push through the ups and downs of discovering something new and challenging. At the same time, they’re taught to appreciate how God has intricately and uniquely made others, recognizing the strengths others bring to the classroom. This balance of understanding themselves as learners while appreciating the role peers play in their learning is vital. As they begin to understand differences, they’re equipped to build bridges with one another and work toward goals.

Our teachers are a committed and innovative group that makes the curriculum come to life for students. Dedicated to academic excellence, they hold high expectations to ensure that each and every image-bearer of God will be a successful learner. Professional development is provided on regular basis, ever expanding our teachers’ knowledge and skills, so they may implement the best educational practices.

Thank you for your  interest in Central! We hope that you take a moment and explore our curriculum, student life, and the many ways parents can get involved at our school. Our website helps tell the narrative of the amazing things God is doing here!

In Christ,
Paya Sample