Technology Initiatives

Our desire is that our graduates will have a redemptive impact on the generation to which they are called. In order to prepare them for living in this world, we utilize the latest in educational technology in JK through 6th Grade.

Central Christian School hosts 85 iPads, 20 interactive Epson Projector Boards, 65 iMacs, and 45 MacBooks, giving students and educators access to modern learning everyday.  Students in 4th-6th Grades have a 1:1 student to iPad experience.

Technology found in our school assists the teachers in adding visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aspects to lessons, enabling them to differentiate for various learning styles.  From weekly instruction in the Computer Lab, to incorporating the classroom interactive projector board in group discussions, to individual access to resources, learning at Central is deeply enhanced and students are equipped for life.

Our use of technology extends beyond our school walls.  Math Reflex, Writing Practice Program (WPP), Reading A-Z Resources, and Worldbook Online are just a few of the resources we offer families.  We have intentionally purchased subscriptions to these and other web-based learning programs to enhance learning at school and at home.  These programs give students individualized practice with math and literacy skills, as well as engaging opportunities for enrichment and continued learning.

Technology is fully integrated into each classroom. Working in concert with our Technology Specialist, each classroom teacher is able to further differentiate for a wide range of student needs using apps, learning software, and assistive technology.