How to Apply

While our application deadline of February 2, 2018 has passed, we invite you to call the school to learn of possible availability within your child's grade. If there is still room in a specific class, we will accept applications for that grade on a rolling basis. 

Choosing a school and community for your child’s education is an important step. We genuinely value the lives and education of every child who walks through our doors. Through our multi-step admissions process, we seek to determine what students and families are a match for the resources we provide and the values we desire to reinforce. By God’s grace and wisdom, we seek peace and confidence that every child we admit will not only learn, but thrive.

Parent Visit

We invite prospective families to experience our school and community by taking a private tour or attending an Open House before completing an application. Spending time in our halls and engaging with our faculty and staff with give you a better sense of who we are and help you determine whether or not you want to move forward in our process.


Once you are ready to take the next step, we want to get to know more about you and your child. First, print and complete a SCHOOL RECORDS RELEASE FORM and submit it to your child's school, and request your child's records be faxed. Next, print the appropriate TEACHER REFERRAL FORM (3K-4th Grade or 5th-6th Grade) and give it to your child's school, and request it be submitted to us within one week.Sometimes it takes a while for us to receive this information and we need to have them on hand before moving forward in the process. Finally, submit an online APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your family, your child and the values that inform your life.

Student Visit

Our educators want to see your child in action, with same-age peers in a classroom context. Your child will shadow for an hour (3K and JK*), a half-day (SK*) or a full-day (1st-6th) in their same-age classroom during the regular school day. Our students LOVE to have visiting students and they are treated with tender care during their time here.

1-on-1 Academic/ Developmental Screening

A screening with our Assessment Consultant helps us determine your child’s developmental and academic readiness for our program. It will take 45-90 minutes and should be a minimal-stress, even enjoyable experience for your child.

Parent Interview

This is an opportunity for us to conversationally learn more about you and give you an opportunity to learn more about us. The Director of Admissions will inquire about your faith, values and interest in Central, and share with you our hopes and expectations for Central families. As a covenant school, one parent must be a Christ-follower and align with the basic tenets of historic, orthodox Christianity in order for us to fulfill our mission to "partner with families." 

Admissions Decisions

After all steps of the admissions process are complete, the Admissions Committee will review your child’s file and make an enrollment decision. These decisions are made thoughtfully and prayerfully, respectfully considering the many factors that help determine whether Central Christian School and your family are a “match”. 

* 3K is for children who turn 3 by July 31, 2018. Junior Kindergarten is for those who turn 4 by July 31, and Senior Kindergarten is for those who turn 5 by July 31. Children enrolled in 3K should be potty-trained by the first day of school.