How to Apply

Choosing a school and community for your child’s education is an important step. We genuinely value the lives and education of every child who walks through our doors. Through our multi-step admissions process, we seek to determine what students and families are a match for the resources we provide and the values we desire to reinforce. By God’s grace and wisdom, we seek peace and confidence that every child we admit will not only learn, but thrive.

FIRST, print and complete a SCHOOL RECORDS RELEASE FORM, submit it to your child's school, and request your child's records be faxed (314.727.8006) or e-mailed to within one week. These records should come directly from your child's school rather than being delivered by a parent.

Print a 3K-4th TEACHER REFERRAL FORM or 5th-6th TEACHER REFERRAL FORM, give it to your child's school, and request it be submitted to us within one week via fax (314.727.8006) or email ( The Teacher Referral Form should come directly from your child's teacher or school rather than being delivered by a parent.


NEXT, SCHEDULE AN APPLICANT SHADOW DAY FOR YOUR CHILD. Our educators want to see your child in action, with same-age peers in a classroom context. Contact us via email or by calling 314.727.4535. 3K/JK applicants will come for an hour, SK applicants will come for a half-day, and 1st-6th Grade applicants will visit for the entire day.

THIRD, SCHEDULE A PARENT INTERVIEW AND AN APPLICANT SCREENING (1:1). Our Director of Assessment, Jennifer Whitmer, will assess your child’s learning ability and exposure while our Director of Admissions, Sabrine Rhodes answers your questions and hears more about your faith, values and interest in Central Christian School.

Contact Admissions Assistant, Lindsey Hunsicker, to schedule your interview and screening time. (314.727.4535) It will take approximately 1 1/2 hours or less.

FINALLY, once all of the steps are complete, the Admission Committee will review, with prayer and reflection, your child's file and make an enrollment decision.