Auction Donation

Online Auction March 28-April 4, 2020

Thanks in Advance for Your Generosity!
Proceeds from Central's online auction are part of the fundraising efforts of the Central School Fund. The CSF allows for a robust financial aid program providing a Central education for all mission-fit families!
Please submit this form by March 23, 2020
Work on the auction will continue over Spring Break so if you miss this deadline, please fill out this form as soon as you're able NO LATER THAN Monday, March 23!!
The Donor Information provided will be used for two reasons:
1. Central Christian School will use the information to acknowledge the donation.
2. The winning bidder will use this information when claiming their item/experience (if applicable.)
Contact Info
Please give a detailed description of your donation in the area below.
Please enter the market value of the donation. If this item/experience cannot be purchased on the open market, leave as $0.
Notes about market value:
1. The market value you enter is the amount you will use as "charitable donations" for tax purposes. This amount MUST be set by the donor.
2. The winning bidder will qualify for a tax write-off for the amount paid over the market value.
3. The opening bid will be set at approximately 30% of the market value. The opening bid is set at the sole discretion of the school.
This donation agreement is valid up to April 4, 2021 unless otherwise stated below.
Or put another way, the winning bidder has up to one year from the date of auction to claim their winnings.
Please enter any restrictions you'd like placed on this donation that are not already outlined in the description above.