Central Economics

 2017-18 Tuition per Student  $9,220
      Support from the Central School Fund

 $1,200 per Student

      Support from the Central Endowment Fund

 $215 per Student

      Support from Central Presbyterian Church - Staff Support, Building         Maintenance and Major Repairs

 $1,000 per Student

 Real Cost to Educate a Student


      Facilities Support from Central Presbyterian Church - *Allows                 Central to have a Debt and Rent-Free Building 

 $1,000 per Student

 Potential Tuition per Student  $12,635

 * The average school facility debt is $2.5-5 million.

Why make a gift to Central?

Central's budgetary needs are not met with tuition alone. There are several pieces to the Central financial equation. As you can see above, our tuition picture would look very different without God's provision in so many areas. Put simply, the School depends on the generosity of Central Presbyterian Church and individual donors to make a Central education possible. And, our commitment to making Central possible for all mission-fit families is the single greatest component of our need for outside giving. While our Endowment Fund and Central Presbyterian Church reduce the cost of tuition for all of our families, our deep commitment to a socio-economically diverse community requires generous contributions to the Central School Fund.

I cannot make a large gift. Do you really need my gift? 

The answer to this question is a resounding 'Yes!' Just as diversity exists in many other areas of our school - socio-economic and racial, to name a couple - diversity also exists in giving. God faithfully provides through His people at Central. Few can make large gifts, but many, many can make smaller gifts to meet the needs of our students. In fact, nearly 90% of the gifts made to Central annually are $300 or below. So please pray about what you can do for Central, because EVERY gift counts.

I can't afford to make a gift to Central. What other ways can I give?

We ask that you prayerfully reconsider your willingness to make a gift. We stand together in all it takes to educate our students, and as a vital member of our community, we humbly ask you to stand with us. You may be surprised to learn that our donor list includes individuals all along the socio-economic spectrum, even Central families currently receiving financial assistance. We seek 100% giving from Board members, faculty, parents, and grandparents. As explained above, a gift of ANY amount makes a difference for our students. 

Additionally, you can generate actual dollars for Central without a financial outlay of your own, by volunteering at Ditto. As a member school, Central provides the volunteer workforce for Ditto for four weeks throughout the school year. And each year, a portion of Ditto's profits are returned to Central to specifically support our scholarship fund ($33,000 in 2018).

We also have a host of volunteer needs within the school, both in and out of the classroom. 

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