Support Scholarships

Central Christian School provides need-based, partial tuition aid (up to 50%) for qualifying SK-6th Grade families. However, for some, that assistance is not enough. We are privileged to offer additional scholarships to families whose financial situation qualifies them for more than a 50% discount. These funds are often provided by generous individuals, yet they are limited. We hope to continue growing these funds and create opportunities to welcome more students for whom finances are a barrier.

We're grateful for the different ways scholarship funds are generated. From One Run to the Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Foundation to Ditto Family Resale, God continues to provide for our school families.

Responding to Covid-19

From the outset of our school mission, we state our desire to partner with families. Because this is core to who we are, we recognize the increased need to walk alongside and listen to our school families during this season. As we anticipate a greater need for financial aid, scholarship, and flexibility, we welcome the blessing it is to respond through tangible ways. 

If you feel led to give toward our scholarship fund to assist families who are experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment or reduced employment related to COVID-19, we invite you to donate here. All gifts given to this fund will assist families with their tuition payments and statement balances.