Courageous Conversations

God has richly blessed Central Christian School with rich and beautiful cultural and racial diversity. This unique characteristic attracted many of us to this place.  We are grateful that our children have the opportunity to learn, play and grow with others who may live, love and learn differently than they do. However, for many of our families, this is the most diverse community with which we engage regularly. We believe that part of stewarding this gift of diversity is by choosing, as parents, to also become learners--to engage and be in community with other adults whose experiences and perspectives may differ from our own.

In recent years, our city has been highlighted and criticized as one of the most racially divided cities in the US. Hidden (to some) wounds have been revealed and we now must make the conscious choice to either look away from what is difficult, or move toward it in the hopes of bringing healing and reconciliation.

The purpose of Courageous Conversations is to create a safe space for meaningful dialogue about issues that often divide us. Our desired end is reconciliation. But we know that this is not a one step, quick-fix, but rather a complicated process requiring vulnerability, humility and commitment.

Each month, adults in the Central Christian School community are invited to participate in a Courageous Conversation about a pre-determined topic.  We may share resources for reflection beforehand, or when we are together.  We will invite guests to share with us, and invite you to offer your suggestions for topics and guests.  We will meet on alternating days and times to accommodate different schedules and create opportunities for as many members of our Central community as possible.  Please check the calendar and join us when you can.  Your voice is important.