Hot Lunch Program

Central’s Hot Lunch program is run by Bread & Butter Catering’s Suzanne Egan with the assistance of Joanne Brands. As Director of Central's Lunch Program, Mrs. Egan strives to provide meals that children enjoy using foods that have healthy ingredients, creating a colorful and well-balanced plate. Additionally, she often coordinates menu choices with school events such as her "Say Cheese Toasted Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup" provided on Picture Day.

Be sure to check the menus for other Lunch Program events that have become “must choose” meals for students such as the Medieval Feast on Shakespeare Day, the annual Pig Roast, and the Last Day of School Picnic. Plus, watch for “New Menu Items!” and “Kid Favorites!” which will be clearly labeled on the order form.

Lunch Ordering Calendar

(Note: Dates are approximate. You will be notified of exact dates via email.)

You will order your child's hot lunches for two months at a time.
August/September – Ordering takes place at the end of July
October/November – Ordering takes place around mid-September
December/January – Ordering takes place around mid-November
February/March – Ordering takes place around mid-January
April/May – Ordering takes place around mid-March

Hot Lunch Prices

Regular meal including milk/juice: $4.50
A meal that includes an extra entrée portion and milk/juice: $5.50
Milk/juice only: $.50 Note: There is no need to "order" milk or juice, as it is readily available every day. Students put their coins in a container by the beverage refrigerator.

Forgotten Lunches

Any student who forgets his/her lunch will be provided with Hot Lunch for the day. The cost for a Forgotten Lunch is $5.50. If you are uncertain of the days that your child has ordered Hot Lunch, you can always check your order form online or print it from the website. Read more on that below.

What’s for Lunch?

As early as one month ahead of the next Lunch Ordering session, a menu of that session’s meals is made available online for your perusal. You’ll find What’s for Lunch? in Quick Links when you login to Central’s website.

Mrs. Egan takes great care to provide a detailed description of each meal that she offers. However, should you have any questions, please email

Note: Where you read “Pick-a-Fruit” on the menu, this refers to baskets of fresh fruit that are made available for children who have ordered Hot Lunch for that particular day. The options vary depending on the season but historically have included bananas, apples, clementines, kiwis, peaches and plums.

The Lunch Ordering Process

Parents will receive an email each time that a new Lunch Ordering session begins. The email will provide a link to the website and a deadline for ordering lunches for that session. Here are the steps for ordering lunches:

  • Login to the website
  • Check the School Calendar and/or your student’s Homeroom webpage for upcoming Field Trips during which your child won’t eat lunch at school. You’ll want to be sure not to order lunch on those days.
  • Choose “Order Lunches” from Quick Links
  • Click “Start” to order lunch
  • Student Information
    1. Enter your student’s first and last name
    2. Select his/her current grade from the dropdown list
    3. Select his/her teacher from the dropdown list (this may not be available until the second ordering session)
    4. Click the box to indicate if you have a Field Trip Credit from a previous month
      Tell how many field trip credits and provide a date for each
      Credits are not given for any other reason (this includes being absent from school)
    5. Click “Go To Next Screen”
  • First month in the ordering session
    1. Choose how you would like to order:
      All Meals
      All Meals with Extra Entrée
      Order A La Carte
      No Meals
    2. If you choose to Order A La Carte, the menu for the month will appear. Select the meal, extra entrée or none for each day that lunch is offered.
    3. At the end of the first month of meals, click “Go To Next Screen”
  • Second month in the ordering session
    1. Again, choose how you would like to order
    2. And, if you choose to Order A La Carte, follow the same steps as above.
    3. At the end of the second month of meals, click “Review Your Selections”
  • Review
    1. If you would like to make a change, select “Go Back One Screen” and follow the steps above. If you’re satisfied, select “Submit Lunch Order Now”. This can take several seconds.
    2. In order to place an order for another child, choose "Click Here To Check That My Lunch Orders Are Complete (Or To Order For Another Child)"
    3. If you have completed the Lunch Order Form successfully, two things will happen.
      1. One, a screen will appear that includes a link to "Click here to download/view form" at the bottom.
      2. Two, you will receive an email confirmation with a subject line of "Lunch Order - Download and Print". It contains a link to revisit your completed order online. Keep this email so you always have a link directly to your lunch order should you need to refer to it for any reason.
    4. If you think you completed the lunch order but you didn't get either of the indicators listed, here's how to check:
      1. Return to the Lunch Order Form page via Quick Links (To find Quick Links, click My Home in the upper right corner of the website)
      2. Each of your lunch orders for the current session will be listed along with it's status. Check the status of your lunch order. It's only Complete if it says "Completed    Print"
  • Contact Audra Christian if you have any questions at all related to ordering lunches! Email or call 314-727-4535 x203.
Billing Information
  • Shortly after each Lunch Ordering Session closes, charges are calculated and added to your Statement.
  • Each month as Statements are prepared, an email is sent to trigger you to view and pay your Statement in full. You will see the Lunch Charges (you will only see these every other month) as well as any Forgotten Lunch Charges (these you will see every month) during that view/pay process.
  • Please note, a late fee of $30 will be charged for any Statement balances not paid in full by the due date indicated on the Statement.
  • If you have any questions about your Statement, please contact Bill Goessling in the Business Office.