The art program at Central is dedicated to supporting each student as they gain valuable skills in critical thinking, creativity and communication. Students learn how to analyze and evaluate (rather, critique) their artwork, as well as that of their peers. Students are exposed to a variety of art-making techniques and processes skills in multiple mediums. Beginning in Senior Kindergarten, students experiment with Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Printmaking throughout their time at Central. We examine a wide range of art, from the work of the Master Artists to contemporaries. Our art classroom also creates space for us to observe and appreciate God’s beautiful creation.

The art room at Central is a safe place for children to pursue artistic areas that interest them. Students are given framework for their projects and are encouraged to explore self-expression and individual creativity as they produce original artwork. At the culmination of each project, students have the opportunity to reflect on what they have accomplished. At Central, children take ownership of each piece that they make and learn that creating can be engaging and fun.

All students enrolled in full-day SK through 6th Grade participate in our art program.


God gave us music so we may pray without words.  Central students experience various genres of music including classical, opera, folk, and spirituals.  Because we are made in God's image, we can create, compose, and respond to His greatness through song.

Powell Hall and the St. Louis Symphony are experienced by first graders each year. Third graders travel to opera locations around the world, via the internet, and by Mrs. Kouba sharing her experiences. They also compose and perform an opera for parents each spring. Fifth graders study and sing Spirituals in conjunction with their classroom exploration of slavery and the Civil War. Performing with instruments, bodies, and the voice, our four year-olds through our oldest students grow in musical literacy.

All full-day JK through 6th Grade students attend music classes.

We also give students the opportunity to explore their God-given musical talents beyond the classroom.

The auditioned Central Choir, consisting of 3rd through 6th Grade students, meets weekly after school for rehearsal and performs at various events throughout the school year. From the Central book fair to local choir festivals to area churches, these worshippers impact their audience every time.

The school-wide Christmas program is a highlight for our community each year. Various musical elements are presented centering around God coming to earth in the flesh, bringing the hope of redemption. From classical pieces, to Gospel music, to hand bells and percussion instruments, our students lead their parents and relatives in a genuine worship service.

All 3rd through 6th graders work to produce our Spring Musical each year, giving them musical theater experience. Concepts learned throughout the year are applied during preparation for the show, including reading music, choral singing, vocal techniques, presentation skills, and team work. All students in these grades sing in the chorus while Summit students (5th and 6th graders) audition for speaking parts, solos, and a chance to participate in choreography.

Fine Arts Showcase

Our art and music teachers collaborate to co-direct a Fine Arts Showcase near the end of the school year. We transform the Garden Level of our school into an art gallery featuring work from all SK through 6th Grade students. Central's choir also performs for the community at large.