Partners in Education (PIE) - Parent Organization



Greetings from Central’s parent organization, Partners in Education (PIE). We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in our school’s vibrant and welcoming parent community.  PIE seeks to be an organization that represents, and we’re comprised of a diverse array of perspectives, talents and ideas that are present in Central’s parent community. We invite any and all parents to join us in our efforts to enhance community, provide care, and serve our faculty and staff. No matter your unique circumstances, there is most certainly a place for you to get involved. If you are a current Central parent, login to our website to learn even more about how you can get involved at the present time.


Partners in Education (PIE) plays a vital role in our school community.  In collaboration with the school, PIE endeavors to:

  • Cultivate and enhance community among families, faculty and staff by planning enjoyable and inclusive fellowship events;

  • Care for families by meeting practical needs during challenging times;

  • Serve the faculty and staff by providing support and encouragement to those who educate our children.

PIE’s school-wide fellowships during the school year build community by providing opportunities for parents and families to connect outside of the busy school day and create spaces to build new relationships with other members of our diverse community. Some of our events include the Meet and Greet Picnic, Family Movie Night, and Classroom Socials.

PIE values care for the Central community and demonstrates it in several ways: Our Prayer Team regularly intercedes on behalf of families, faculty and staff. Our Compassion Team responds to families’ practical and logistical needs when facing challenging circumstances by providing meals, carpool help and childcare. PIE also hosts a Teacher Appreciation week every spring where we are able to thank and honor our faculty and staff who pour daily into our children.

Lastly, in partnering with Central’s mission to cultivate a zeal to serve in our children, PIE serves our faculty and staff in various ways. Room Parent Captains organize parent volunteers to meet expressed teacher/classroom needs. Parents organize a Book Fair each fall that brings new, exciting literature into the library and classrooms at no cost to the school. Parents also coordinate meals for faculty and staff who spend long days at parent-teacher conferences twice each year.

These are only some ways that we support our Central Christian School community.  We hope you will bring your time and talents to join us in this important work!


     President: Caroline Inazu

     Community Chair: Katie Yeadon

     Care Chair: Marvin and Lilly Blake

     Service Chair: Laura Beaver

Current Central families, find out more about meetings, events and other details by logging in to the Central website.   And feel free to contact us at