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Dear families,

Thank you for your interest in Central Christian School. We're aware that selecting a school where your child and family can thrive is a big decision requiring much thought, prayer, examination, and conversation.
At Central, we understand the tension facing families today because we live it ourselves. We want our children to know and love God intimately while still engaging culture. We want them to be well prepared for middle and high school yet remain fully present in the joy and wonder of childhood. We want them to grow in self-awareness, understanding how God designed them while having an others-centered focus. We want them to cling to truth while graciously living in community with those of different perspectives. The past couple of years have definitely given us all opportunities to cling to Christ, engage culture, self-reflect, and be others-focused.
Our day-to-day program at Central responds to this tension, striving to strike the balance as evidenced in our Portrait of a Graduate. Through our curriculum and classroom cultures, our teachers cultivate creativity, enthusiasm, and curiosity while nurturing our students' hearts. The result is a community of smaller learning environments where children feel safe enough to collaborate, ask questions, take risks, and challenge each other. We believe every child, every person, is created in the image of God and possesses talents and gifts to impact their generation. The training for this life of intention and purpose is found here as we partner with Christian parents. 

May God bless you with discernment and guidance as you explore schools and seek His will for your family. To learn more about Central, connect with us today by completing an inquiry form, and we'll reach out to you soon.

With sincerity,

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